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Zusammenspiel 28.09.2009 - 15.10.2010

Fotos: Fred Dott

Peter Sempel: Zusammenspiel / Interplay, Galerie der Villa, 2009


Thomas Beisgen, Antje Bromma, Anja Scheffler-Rehse und Jean Tinguely
curated by Corinna Koch

Galerie der Villa
28.09.2009 - 15.10.2010

The juxtaposition of drawings by Thomas Beisgen, Antje Bromma’s filigree installations with mobiles, collages by Anja Scheffler-Rehse and Jean Tinguely’s motor-driven machine sculptures gives rise to a situation, which can best be termed an interplay (Zusammenspiel), where differing techniques and works commune. Essential parts of this interplay are its seriality and repetition, the collecting and inventing of new forms. Where do similarities occur, where do the various media differentiate themselves from each other? What meanings do seriality and repetition have in general and in the context of the artists’ works?


Publikation: Zusammenspiel

Edited by Peter Heidenwag und Corinna Koch

With texts by Belinda Grace Gardner und Corinna Koch

23 x 21 cm, Hardcover
56 pages, 47 images

ISBN 978-3-941613-72-0
Textem Verlag

19,- Euro